Sooth eczema with Gentle Jane’s CBD based products

Hey there! How are you? I hope you’re staying well and sane amidst this roller coaster of a year.

2020 has been really stressful and mentally draining for all of us. And If you’re anything like me, stress starts to show on your skin in the form of unexpected acne and eczema flare ups. I have been struggling to keep my hand eczema from flaring up again and again, constant hand washing and sanitizing make the matters worse.

Having heard about the amazing benefits of CBD based products, I was very excited when Gentle Jane reached out to me and offered me their soothing products to try. After using them for 2-3 weeks, I have my thoughts gathered on their comfort cream and their glow oil. I’ll be listing them in the form of product aspects and my opinions on those aspects.

Ingredients and claims:

Please remember that I’m no expert in ingredients and I’m only stating the ingredients for your information. The Gentle Jane Superfood+CBD comfort cream and glow oil both contain 500 mg CBD. The comfort cream claims to create and restore moisture barrier while the glow oil claims to brighten and plump your skin. I’m always on the hunt for products to give me relief from itchy and scaly skin around my palms and fingers and comfort cream has been really effective because it’s so nourishing. I apply it before going to bed and wake up with smooth hands.

The glow oil is very intensely hydrating. I have very oily skin so I use it only 1-2 times a week which is pretty normal for my skin as I can’t use facial oils every night because If I do, my skin starts to break out and I develop tiny bumps around my cheeks and chin. The glow oil really leaves my skin glowing and soft and if you’re looking for something for dry skin then I highly recommend trying this one.

Texture and Quantity:

The comfort cream has a very buttery texture and I love how it melts into my skin. Since the cream has a lot of oils as main ingredients, it does leave your skin a little greasy but I find that very helpful for my eczema spots. Since the texture is so thick, a little goes a long way. I do wish that the cream had some kind of subtle fragrance to it so that it’s pleasant to the senses.

Now the oil is very luxurious and it has a very subtle fragrance which reminds me of the kinds of oils used in expensive spas. It’s a very relaxing ritual to apply the oil and massage it into my skin with my Gua Sha tool after the end of a tiring day. And since it’s very rich in consistency, you only need 3-4 drops so the bottle will last you a long time.

Packaging and Price:

I love that their products come in sturdy and luxurious glass packaging. The 2.0 oz. jar of comfort cream is priced at $50 and the 1.0 Oz. bottle of glow oil is prized at $70. I do wish that the oil was less expensive because it’s a little steep for 1 oz.

Overall, I’m very happy with the products and I recommend checking out their products if you struggle with eczema and dry skin. You can use my code “Trulyangieblog” to save 15% off your first order 🙂

Must have Props for your Dream Instagram Aesthetic

Do you ever just see some Instagram accounts and go “Oh my gosh How does she/he does it??” and you immediately click the follow button. Even though your captions and individual pictures play an important role in building your IG audience, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of a cohesive and well organized feed.

It doesn’t matter what your IG theme is, from a minimalistic to a fun colorful aesthetic, there are some props which are worth investing in to make your individual pictures as well as your overall feed look beautiful.

  • 1-2 Backdrops according to your theme: It’s important to have at least 1 to 2 basic backdrops for your content because it lays a foundation for your content. If you keep changing the backdrops for your content, you won’t achieve that cohesive look because your feed will look really busy. Depending on your content you can decide on what backdrops will be the best for you. Some examples are bed sheet in white or beige color or in any other color according to your theme. Marble contact paper, single ceramic tile which is like $2 each at Lowe’s, any clean surface of your furniture which isn’t too busy and gets ample natural light.

You can see how I use white and beige sheets as backdrops for my content

  • Coffee table books: Coffee table books are one of the easiest and chicest ways to give your pictures an oomph! now coffee table books are little on the pricey side but definitely worth investing in to give your content an elegant touch.
  • Candles in 2-3 different sizes and colors: Candles can instantly make your pictures look cozy. Especially the mini ones because they are so cute and can provide just the right balance to your pictures.
You can see how I used mini and regular size candles on the side to add more details to this flatlay
  • Faux Flowers/ Pampas grass: Okay I love fresh flowers but let’s be honest they are pricey, not easily accessible and i just don’t think it’s practical to buy fresh flowers every time you are shooting content. That’s why I highly suggest investing in good quality faux flowers or pampas grass or any kind of premium faux plants as a prop. It dresses up your home as well as your content. There are so many options available on amazon, etsy and even the home decor sections of departmental stores.
An example of the pampas grass and dried wheat grass beside the product flatlay which I often use for my content.
  • Additional small props: Some additional props which are totally optional but do make a difference when it comes to beautiful details in your pictures are fancy hair barrettes, pretty ribbons, pearls, flower vases in the background, Jewelry especially gold pieces, decorative trays, coffee/tea mug and saucer matching your aesthetic.
used a mini candle, Gold jewelry pieces and simple coffee mug/saucer to make this simple flatlay stand out

  • Creativity: Now this is not a prop I know but it matters a lot how creative you can get with shooting content. Look around you, there are so many basic things which you can use to up your photography game. With time and practice you will be able to make simplest of things look beautiful and aesthetic.

So these were my suggestions on must have props to up your content photography! I hope you found this post helpful. Feel free to send me a DM if you have any questions 🙂

5 Tips To Maintain Consistent Instagram Feed

Hello Beautiful People!

First of all let me just say that you do not have to maintain a consistent theme! It’s totally a personal choice and if you think creating content is not fun anymore because of sticking with a theme, then don’t stress out! Do what you love because it’s your page and your account!

Also know that each account is different and not all tips will apply to every account. These are general suggestions which can be experimented with depending on your audience and content 😊

I always wanted to maintain a consistent aesthetic but I was never really satisfied with how it looked until now. Just know that it’s going to take a lot of trial and error and the thing that matters is that you never give up.

1st) Choose 2-3 Dominating Colors

This is the most crucial tip I have found to be useful. It doesn’t matter if you apply the same preset to your pictures, if it has a lot of colors in it, you might have a hard time keeping your feed put together. For my feed, you can see a lot of white and beige tones, and even if I decide to include more color like blue jeans, I would make sure that the blue color is soft and there’s enough white/beige in that picture (also around the picture) to be the dominant color

2) Decide on 1-2 Presets

Yes I get it one preset can be boring! That’s why I also rotate between two similar presets and apply it to my pictures. Remember that each picture looks different and it’s a good idea to not rely solely on preset itself. Play with exposure, contrast and saturation until you are happy with it.

3) Shoot in the same light and keep your backgrounds similar

It makes a lot of difference when you shoot at 7 am and when you shoot at 2 pm! Depending on what theme you are going for, shoot in the same lighting and same hours of the day. Also keep your backdrops similar, for example , sticking to white or beige walls when taking pictures of your outfit. Now obviously this tip won’t apply to a travel page or a page exploring colorful spots around the city.

4) Decide on a Category or Two for your Content

Now I’m not telling you to find your niche or anything but I want you to decide on 2 THINGS your account is based on. If you’re a beauty blogger, your audience will be interested in knowing about different products and looks you can create with makeup products. They won’t be interested in the sandwich you had for lunch (doesn’t matter how #aestheticallypleasing it is) Now you might be thinking that I literally told you in the beginning to do whatever you want with your page and yes I’ll still say that but I also think that if you’re serious about your content, you gotta stick to posting only relevant and valuable content for your audience, especially given how hard it is to build an authentic audience on Instagram. And you can always post those pictures to your stories which is a great way to be creative and to stay active on IG.

My account is focused on two categories; beauty flatlays and style content

5) Keep Your Feed Balanced

Keeping your feed balanced simply means that you are not posting same/similar pictures together and keeping it organized in a manner that each picture is different and yet an important element that fits within overall feed. For example, I don’t post a picture of myself side by side, I’d break them by uploading a flatlay in between those 2 pictures to keep it looking balanced.

Notice how I break the flatlays by inserting my picture here and there

So there you have it! 5 Tips to maintain a consistent Instagram Feed. I hope you found these tips helpful and thank you so much for reading my post 😊

Tips to Dress up Skinny as a Curvy Petite Woman

Hello Beautiful People! Long time no see I know 😁

Past month was crazy busy at work and then I took a vacation to Florida. It was honestly really nice to take a break from social media and not care about blogging for a while.

Since a couple of you asked me to do a dedicated post on styling tips for curvy women, I decided to compile all my tips in a single post and break it down by the style you actually wear on regular basis. So Grab some snacks or a cup of coffee and read the tips which have worked for me and might come handy the next time you go shopping!

Styling Tips for Dress Lovers:

Petite in White Midi Dress
  • Say Bye Bye to Baggy Clothes: The first thing to remember is to avoid wearing baggy clothes! I know it’s very tempting to hide ourselves in oversized clothing when we are uncomfortable showing certain parts of our bodies. But wearing baggy clothing is only going to make you appear looking sloppy.
  • Go for Wrap Dresses: I’ve personally struggled with concealing my tummy area and heavy thighs and I’ve found that a wrap dress seems to work wonders to solve both of these problems for me. Today you’ll find tons of wrap dresses styles to choose from; from solid neutrals to feminine floral patterns, there are so many styles to experiment with.
  • Opt for smaller prints/patterns: If you love wearing patterns in your clothing, opt for tiny prints because they create an illusion of leaner figure.
Dress up skinny in dresses
  • Choose the right shoes: you have probably heard this before but it’s a tip which makes a big difference! Look for pointed and Nude shoes whether it’s heels, flats, sandals etc. because it really elongates your legs.
  • Choose the right neckline: I feel like this tip is so underrated but it’s really crucial if want to dress leaner. I used to love scoop necks and off shoulder necklines until I saw my pictures wearing them and saw how wide it made my shoulders look! Now I only choose v-necks/ sweetheart necklines or square necks. The important thing is to choose something which doesn’t cover a lot of skin around your neck (avoid high necks/halter necks/boat necks etc) and choosing a shape which doesn’t widen your shoulders.
Short white eyelet dress for summer

Tips for Jeans Lover:

  • Always Opt for High Waisted Jeans and Pants: I can’t stress enough how much of a difference high waisted jeans make when you’re a petite and on the curvy side. Nobody can tell if I have a food baby when I’m wearing high waisted jeans because it helps me conceal my tummy while creating an illusion of smaller waist.
  • Experiment with Jeans Shapes: I never knew I would love flare jeans and mom jeans until I saw how effectively it minimized my heavy thighs. There are tons of styles to experiment with like boot cut jeans, flare jeans, boyfriend jeans and mom jeans. Just remember to choose the right length for example I’m short and I always like to go for crop jeans no matter what style it is.
High waisted Flare crop jeans
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

  • Keep your outfit balanced: This tip circles back to avoiding baggy clothes. There’s no harm in wearing loose clothing as long as you keep it balanced. For example if I’m wearing a flare jeans, I would always tuck in my top or belt it to define my waist. If you’re wearing an oversized top, opt for body hugging bottom like a skinny jeans or fitted skirt.
High waisted mom jeans

So that’s it for my list of tips to dress skinny! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post! I truly appreciate it ♥️♥️I’d love to hear any suggestions/requests from you @trulyangieblog