Tips to Dress up Skinny as a Curvy Petite Woman

Petite Flare jeans

Hello Beautiful People! Long time no see I know 😁

Past month was crazy busy at work and then I took a vacation to Florida. It was honestly really nice to take a break from social media and not care about blogging for a while.

Since a couple of you asked me to do a dedicated post on styling tips for curvy women, I decided to compile all my tips in a single post and break it down by the style you actually wear on regular basis. So Grab some snacks or a cup of coffee β˜• and read the tips which have worked for me and might come handy the next time you go shopping!

Styling Tips for Dress Lovers:

Petite in White Midi Dress
  • Say Bye Bye to Baggy Clothes: The first thing to remember is to avoid wearing baggy clothes! I know it’s very tempting to hide ourselves in oversized clothing when we are uncomfortable showing certain parts of our bodies. But wearing baggy clothing is only going to make you appear looking sloppy.
  • Go for Wrap Dresses: I’ve personally struggled with concealing my tummy area and heavy thighs and I’ve found that a wrap dress seems to work wonders to solve both of these problems for me. Today you’ll find tons of wrap dresses styles to choose from; from solid neutrals to feminine floral patterns, there are so many styles to experiment with.
  • Opt for smaller prints/patterns: If you love wearing patterns in your clothing, opt for tiny prints because they create an illusion of leaner figure.
Dress up skinny in dresses
  • Choose the right shoes: you have probably heard this before but it’s a tip which makes a big difference! Look for pointed and Nude shoes whether it’s heels, flats, sandals etc. because it really elongates your legs.
  • Choose the right neckline: I feel like this tip is so underrated but it’s really crucial if want to dress leaner. I used to love scoop necks and off shoulder necklines until I saw my pictures wearing them and saw how wide it made my shoulders look! Now I only choose v-necks/ sweetheart necklines or square necks. The important thing is to choose something which doesn’t cover a lot of skin around your neck (avoid high necks/halter necks/boat necks etc) and choosing a shape which doesn’t widen your shoulders.
Short white eyelet dress for summer

Tips for Jeans Lover:

  • Always Opt for High Waisted Jeans and Pants: I can’t stress enough how much of a difference high waisted jeans make when you’re a petite and on the curvy side. Nobody can tell if I have a food baby when I’m wearing high waisted jeans because it helps me conceal my tummy while creating an illusion of smaller waist.
  • Experiment with Jeans Shapes: I never knew I would love flare jeans and mom jeans until I saw how effectively it minimized my heavy thighs. There are tons of styles to experiment with like boot cut jeans, flare jeans, boyfriend jeans and mom jeans. Just remember to choose the right length for example I’m short and I always like to go for crop jeans no matter what style it is.
High waisted Flare crop jeans
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

  • Keep your outfit balanced: This tip circles back to avoiding baggy clothes. There’s no harm in wearing loose clothing as long as you keep it balanced. For example if I’m wearing a flare jeans, I would always tuck in my top or belt it to define my waist. If you’re wearing an oversized top, opt for body hugging bottom like a skinny jeans or fitted skirt.
High waisted mom jeans

So that’s it for my list of tips to dress skinny! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post! I truly appreciate it β™₯️β™₯️I’d love to hear any suggestions/requests from you @trulyangieblog

Author: Truly Angie

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