The Formula to Your Best Hair is with Formulate

Personalized shampoo and conditioner

Hello Beautiful People! Welcome back to my blog 😘

I have talked about it before on my Instagram but let me tell you again, I have been using personalized shampoo and conditioner for more than a year. After trying Function of Beauty’s personalized haircare system, I knew I was happy with it but I was never FULLY satisfied with their system. How did I know something was missing you ask? 💁 It’s because even though my hair was healthy, I had to style it to make it less frizzy and more manageable to look polished for my work. We all have those days when we just want to leave our hair as it is and not use any heat right?

That’s why I was pretty excited to try Formulate’s custom shampoo and conditioner. I was looking for that one thing which will make my hair not just healthy but more manageable without styling them with heat. So today, I’m sharing my thoughts on Formulate’s custom haircare (Wow that was some long introduction LOL)😂

Let me tell you how Formulate works. It’s really simple!

  1. You go to their website and sign up.
  2. Take the fun hair quiz: The questions are all about your hair like your hair length, what kind of products you use for styling, your hair type and what hair goals you want to achieve.
  3. In about 2 weeks, you receive your customized shampoo and conditioner.

My thoughts on Formulate:

I have been loving it! The goals I wanted for my hair included color protection, healthy scalp, deep conditioning, glossy hair and anti-frizz! You can also see the exact ingredients which will be added to achieve your hair goals which I think is amazing! Below are the quick Pros and Cons which I have experienced with Formulate:☺


  1. Super knowledgable and super helpful team of chemists who create your personalized haircare. If you have any confusion regarding your formula, you can reach out to them and seek their advice.
  2. Natural ingredients and fully customized according to your hair type, your styling habits and hair goals! It will definitely live up to your expectations! The best part: It’s also Sulfate Free, Paraben free, preservative free and cruelty free!
  3. I believe it’s very long lasting because a small amount goes a long way which makes it worth the price.
  4. Sleek Packaging! I mean who doesn’t love this geometric bottles in white and black color?? Totally Insta-worthy 📸
  5. An easy functioning app to track your orders and your formula so that you don’t have to go to their website if you want to check something. Super convenient!


  1. The only thing which I think might be missing is the color in their products. I would love it if I can get a purple color to add vibrance in my color treated hair and I guess many women would like to cancel out any brassiness in their hair. But the brand assured me that their color formula is in progress so that’s a great news!

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